What is Silicium?

Nature provides us with many substances that can contribute to our health and appearance. The silicic acid Silicium is just such a unique substance.

Silicium, or silicic acid, is an important nutritional agent for the human body. It contains 7 grams of Silicium. By comparison, the body contains 3 to 3.5 grams of iron and 100 to 150 mg of copper. Silicium is found mainly in the bones, skin, arteries, spleen, tendons, muscles, adrenal gland, pancreas, kidneys, heart, thyroid and thymus.

It occurs in nature in grain, as well as in mushrooms, the peel of fruit, vegetables and citrus fruit and is an important element of human tissue for strength, elasticity and mobility.

A good daily dose of Silicium is beneficial to everyone who wants to grow older healthily and gracefully. Since modern foodstuffs are so heavily refined, our diets do not contain enough silicic acid.

Composition and use:

Net contents: 30 ml

Silicium acid oligomers, potassium chloride, sodium selenate, PEG, aqua des.

Nutritional value10 drops/0,5 ml a dayRDI* %
Silicium4 mg24
Selenium30 μg40
Zinc4 mg40

Recommended doses:
Once a day – preferably before breakfast – mix* 10 to 15 drops of SanaCorpus Silicium in ¼ of a glass of water or fruit juice. Drink immediately!

* Note! Add the SanaCorpus Silicium drops last!

After opening, preferably keep in a cool place!
The contents of the unopened packaging can be used up to the stated keep-until date. After opening, the contents must be consumed within two months.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use if hypersensitive to one of the constituents.
A balanced diet contains sufficient vitamins and minerals.


SanaCorpus has developed a unique form of Silicium, that can be taken in liquid form and has optimal effect on your health and appearance.
SanaCorpus Silicium was developed to promote health and beauty. It contains Silicium, zinc, and selenium. These are substances that are good for the bones, blood vessels, skin, nails and hair.
Some of the benefits of SanaCorpus Silicium:
  • Promotes supple muscles and joints
  • Strengthens cartilage and bones
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Maintains the elasticity of the artery walls and is therefore good for the heart and blood vessels
  • Protects the skin against ageing
  • Promotes the growth of strong and shiny nails
  • Combats hair loss and promotes hair growth
Use: You can take SanaCorpus Silicium without restriction at the recommended dose of 10-15 drops a day. Preferably take it before breakfast in a half-glass of water or fruit juice. Then drink immediately. One pack of SanaCorpus Silicium is sufficient for about 8 weeks.
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